WEDDING photography with style A wedding photographer knows how to catch love on camera. A sudden glimpse. That special loving smile.
After working more than 5 years as a Professional photographer, I know that expectations when it comes to wedding pictures can vary. Roses in the autumn sun... Silver and shimmering snow... A tuxedo with an elegant cut... Sensous underwear... All loving couples are unique.
The pictures are there to help you remember.

"My job is to make some of your dreams come true"

“Seeing the world through the eye of a photographer is something that will never be taken for granted. It’s truly a gift that allows one to view life and everyday surroundings from a whole new perspective. Suddenly, even the smallest things in life become significant, changing the ways, opinions & views of the world normally seen.

Photography has the power to not only intrigue the eye, but to make statement, create question, show unseen perspective, capture priceless moments, sell products & ideas, or even make you think or feel a certain way. I’m proud to be a part of this philosophy, and hope you will enjoy my work.” -Praneeth Gunasekara

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